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Cha cha cha changes

So. I’ve been in writers block lately. I’m all mixed up in the head but happy as a clam as of lately!

Been thinking of my future and MY plans and the direction my life is actually taking. I can’t keep my mind from thinking about when I finally finish school. I want to travel everywhere. I think I want to move to a different country for a while I just don’t know where. I crave being in a city that is full of History and Art. Maybe I’ll go to Italy or Spain?! Being single… at least as of now, who knows what this next year will bring, is perfect for my future plans. If I do find the one for me I hope that he will have the same dreams as me…I guess if he doesn’t then he’s not the right one!



I’ve been getting sick lately. I go to the doc tomorrow to see what the deal is. I’m just severely tired all the time, have head aches all day and have an upset stomach to go along with all of that. I’m pretty sure that’s not normal.

Next Monday I’ll officially be a resident of the beautiful San Marcos Tx. I can’t wait! I’m going to miss my friends in Houston so much, especially the ones I’ve recently become closer with.

I like that I’m going to be in a city where I know practically no one. I’ve found my coffee shop though. Tantra is a pretty cool place where all the hippies go. They have fire spinners and belly dancing among other things. I long to find some derby chicks also. Even if I need to make a drive to ATX once a week! Although I’m not sure if I can hang with the Austin derby chicks. They’re pretty badass.

Here we go. This fits my current existence.

Sing it to me Bowie. You beautiful man you.



Living in an imagination

Guess what I’ve discovered recently?




I’m a crazy person!

I’m full of passion, anger, jealousy and everything in between. Feels good to say it “out loud” on paper, on the Internet!

I’m learning to be okay with this. There are a few things that I would like to change but over all I’m pretty satisfied with this reality.

At a young age I was diagnosed with severe depression. About 6 months ago I had recently started taking new meds that my doctor suggested. I’m almost 100% positive that this is why I’ve been feeling the way I have. N0w I know it’s not the whole reason because there are a few things aside from that that I know have contributed to my recent state of mind.

About 5 days ago I decided to go off all meds completely. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so clear headed in my life. Normally I only have 2 reactions to situations that I’m faced with. I either get angry and sad and just burst into tears at any moment, or I just sorta ignore it and don’t have any feelings towards it or anything whatsoever.

I know I’m not cured but I’m actually able, for the first time, to seek alternative ways to approach my situation. And this is a comforting feeling!


In other news I’ve picked up a few new good habits.

Rock wall climbing. The first time I did this was with a group of extremely girly chicks and I was the only one not complaining about my make-up or my hair or my nails. Seriously? Who in their right mind would go to a rock gym and complain about those things? I don’t understand how they don’t feel embarrassed. Anyways, I love this new habit of mine.

Kayaking. This is something I’ve wanted to try forever and about a month ago I woke up one Saturday at like 6 am and said to myself. Hey. I’m going to go kayaking today. And I did. And I loved it. The only thing that scared the frick out of me was the fact that in Armond Bayou Park there are gators everywhere. It was just me alone in my kayak at 7 am in gator infested waters. Yowz.


That’s all she wrote.


for now at least.

Fresh soil

Something about gardening is so therapeutic. I’m planting flowers and cleaning out the weeds. Not to mention that I have to go outside and water them twice a day.


This has nothing to do with gardening but it’s on my mind so I’ve got to get it out.

I have a hard time letting go of things. I’ve realized this is why I’m so bitter towards those who are closest to me.

I’ve recently reconnected with my real father and it’s been really hard. I’ve had to confront him about a lot of things that happened to me as a young girl and I had to listen to him while he called me a liar. He’s since come to ACTUALLY listen to me and finally believe me. Now is the hard part. Deciding what to do about these things that happened so long ago. Do I take action or do I just leave it be?

I honestly have no idea. I’ve gone over the consequences for myself as well as the other person involved.

Which decision will actually help me to overcome this?

I don’t really believe that taking action will help me to reach any kind of peace but some people say otherwise. The fact that I’ve been able to actually say these things out loud to my dad has helped me more then I ever thought possible.

Could it be that telling him is the first and only step that I needed to take in order to heal? I mean I talk to him daily now and our relationship is improving with each phone call. My only hold up is that this bastard of a person who did these things to me could be doing them to others. I wish someone would tell me what to do.


……Makes sense and maybe that’s the point. I hope it is. Because I’m tired of searching for a point to everything.

Sticks and Stones

You know that saying?- “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

Yea, that’s a lie.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t exist.

My heart hurts, like, a lot lately.

I’m tired of it. I thought I was okay but I’m just not.

Stepping stone

I’ve got my stones all in a row. Each one ready to be stepped upon and forgotten.

The earth takes these stones and hides them in her deep soil. The stones suffocate there and eventually stop being stones but begin to exist as something different. Now they’ve become one with the earth again and start all over.

By Rumi

“Oh, if a tree could wander
and move with foot and wings!
It would not suffer the axe blows
and not the pain of saws!
For would the sun not wander
away in every night
how could at every morning
the world be lighted up?
And if the oceans water
would not rise to the sky,
how would the plants be quickened
by streams and gentle rain?
The drop that left its homeland,
the sea, and then returned
It found an oyster waiting
and grew into a pearl.
Did Yusaf not leave his father,
in grief and tears and despair?
Did he not, by such a journey,
gain kingdom and fortune wide?
Did not the Prophet travel
to far Medina, friend?
And there he found a new kingdom
and ruled a hundred lands.
You lack a foot to travel?
Then journey into yourself!
And like a mine of rubies
receive the sunbeams print!
Out of yourself  such a journey
will lead you to your self,
It leads to transformation
of dust into pure gold!”- Rumi