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Future Husband

A letter to my future husband

Dear future husband, if you exist, please know this.

I think of you. What you look, like. What you smell like. What you sound like. Where you are.

I’m not the girl who has ever obsessed over the fact that I’m single. Nor am I the girl who has obsessed over finding you. But please know this when, if, I find you. I will do the following.

Love, appreciate and grow with you. Know that I will support you and commit to you. You will have all of me.

I will be be the wife that sits and watches sports all day with you and will support you when you want to spend the night hanging with your dudes. I will be the kind of wife who wants and encourages you to have your own life and hobbies. I will try my hardest to let you know that you are appreciated everyday. I may also let you win some fights!

Please know this.

I don’t need you I want you.

I don’t want someone to depend on I want someone to lean on.

I want to grow together. I want our lives to compliment eachother.

Some things about me.

I’m disorganized and a tad messy.

I’m short tempered.

I’m fickle, hard headed and argumentative.

But I’m fiercly loyal and love hard.

I’m trusworthy and will do absolutely anything for those I love.

Please know this.

I want to dance with you to oldies in our future kitchen while I cook dinner.

I want you to be my chaufer when I have ladies night and may have had too much wine.

I want you to hold my hand and encourage in me the things I am passionate about.

I want you to love my friends and my family.

I want you to love me even when I act like a crazy person.

I want you to kiss me for no damned reason.

I want to cuddle, fight and make up with you.

Dear furture, beloved, husband. Please know this.

Wherever you are, whoever you are. I’m waiting for you.