Cha cha cha changes

So. I’ve been in writers block lately. I’m all mixed up in the head but happy as a clam as of lately!

Been thinking of my future and MY plans and the direction my life is actually taking. I can’t keep my mind from thinking about when I finally finish school. I want to travel everywhere. I think I want to move to a different country for a while I just don’t know where. I crave being in a city that is full of History and Art. Maybe I’ll go to Italy or Spain?! Being single… at least as of now, who knows what this next year will bring, is perfect for my future plans. If I do find the one for me I hope that he will have the same dreams as me…I guess if he doesn’t then he’s not the right one!



I’ve been getting sick lately. I go to the doc tomorrow to see what the deal is. I’m just severely tired all the time, have head aches all day and have an upset stomach to go along with all of that. I’m pretty sure that’s not normal.

Next Monday I’ll officially be a resident of the beautiful San Marcos Tx. I can’t wait! I’m going to miss my friends in Houston so much, especially the ones I’ve recently become closer with.

I like that I’m going to be in a city where I know practically no one. I’ve found my coffee shop though. Tantra is a pretty cool place where all the hippies go. They have fire spinners and belly dancing among other things. I long to find some derby chicks also. Even if I need to make a drive to ATX once a week! Although I’m not sure if I can hang with the Austin derby chicks. They’re pretty badass.

Here we go. This fits my current existence.

Sing it to me Bowie. You beautiful man you.



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