Thoughts, Shmoughts

Change is two things: Coming to be and ceasing to be……

Just me and my thoughts. That’s a dangerous place to be :/. Hostile one minute, then sunshine and rainbows the next. Being able to write things down is like a breath of fresh air and like a release of the good and the bad thoughts that occupy my head.



Hmmmm, let’s see. I’ve been reading a lot lately. About the Greeks mostly. I’m becoming increasingly more obsessed with Rhea, mother of Zeus, for some reason. How she had to see her husband swallow up all of her kids, until finally she was like eff this, I’m saving Zeus.

I’ve also been researching the history of numbers in the Greek mythologies. I’ve re-discovered, for myself, the pythagoreans and how they worshipped numbers. To them everything was a number.

Also existence and how things have existed, have come to exist and how things will continue to exist even when I cease to. I’m in dialectic  mode. One thought causes another, causes another, causes another causes another.


I wrote this while sitting by the water today:

Watching the sun set and the moon rise while listening to Animal Collective is practically life changing. At least temporarily. Isn’t all change temporary?! So I guess what I mean to say is that watching the sunset and the moon rise while listening to Animal Collective is completely transitional. It’s getting me from one point of my life to the next. And it’s these little memories that make up a persons existence. Little bridges if you will that take you from one experience to the other. How beautiful is that?!


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