So I just heard through the grapevine that TC’s, the second oldest blues bar in Austin, Tx, is being bought out. This little hole in the wall blues bar has been one of the only sources for dirty, dirty blues music in the ATX for years.

Here is my experience with this little slice of blues heaven. It was 2006 and I had just moved to Austin. I was hitting the dating scene pretty hard and had decided, at the last minute, to meet a guy there who i’d met on one dating site or another. I had never met him in person but had spoken with him on the phone several times. He mentioned that this particular Monday he was going to be grabbing a bottle of wine and hitting up TC’s in East Austin to see a little blues band by the name of “Little Elmore Reed Blues Band.” My initial reaction was Hell no. I knew all about the East side and all it’s ghetto glory. About an hour after speaking with him I decided to just get off my ass and go. So I did. As I walked in the door a surge of heat hit my face quickly followed by the smell of a home cooked meal and sweaty bodies. I had to remind myself that it was in fact the year 2006 and that I wasn’t an extra on the set of the movie “Dirty Dancing.” Needless to say it was love at first sight, sound, smell…. basically every sensation. While I can hardly remember the guy, his name or if we even spoke 2 words to each other, I have him to thank for bringing this beautiful soul filled place into my life. I quickly became a regular and fell in love with “Tha bluuuuues.” I was hooked. TC’s was my drug and I continued to feed my fix every Monday for the rest of the next 2 years. I’ve since had to relocate myself to Houston but will be moving to San Marcos in July. I hope and pray with all of my blues lovin’ heart that with the selling of TC’s doesn’t mean that this magical place will disappear. It would be a true tragedy in the world of music and in the lives of a lot of people.


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