Until my eyes close for good. I’ll hold you in my heart and see you in my dreams. Smell your sweet scent and hear you laugh. Some days I feel your presence and am reminded that you’re always with me. I keep you in my heart.

My wonderful Grandmother I miss you desperately.


Do you ever think back at certain times in your life and remember certain instances where you know that if you would have said something different or done something different then a huge part of your life would be very different? Eh. I don’t even really know what I’m talking about anymore. I just keep thinking about the night before my Grandma went into the hospital. I drove by her house and decided not to stop in because I was on my way to a friends house. I still remember passing by the house and looking into the window. I could see her sitting at the kitchen table. I hate myself for this. I hate this memory. I wish I could just go back.


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