Sleeping for an extended period of eternity

A summary of my recent present.

My weekend was a roller coaster of emotions. I know it sounds so cliche to use that phrase but it is pretty much the only way to describe the sensations. Up and down Up and down etc.

Summer fest was a friggin blast. Weezer, hands down, made the weekend grand. I will admit that when I saw that they were the headliners I instantly regretted buying a ticket. Last time I saw them was their blue album tour in like ’99 or something and since then, in my opinion they’ve done some pretty shitty things. Musically. I’m 100% sure that the only reason I had so much fun during the Weezer performance was because my favorite cousin in the whole world was by my side. We always get into the craziest shit. Slangin pineapples and almost getting into a fight because of it!! Dancing the night away!!

I always appreciate my time alone because I figure out so many things about my self. When I’m driving in my car and listening to music I do nothing but assert my current situation, feelings and figure out how to improve them.

Currently I feel extremely numb. Towards everything. I hate when I get this way. I’m able to realize that I’m in this place but unable to see a way out. I need to surround myself with people who appreciate me. I’m constantly alone and I know that’s why I fall into these little dark holes. Thought I had more to say but for now this is all. All that I can do is get up each morning. Appreciate what I’ve got and strive to obtain the things that I want out of life.


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