Choppy waters=a rough sea

Originally written August 25, 2008

Suddenly amy finds her self on a bus. oh what to do? she thought! I thought they had free wifi she wispers to herself.
She is pretending like she is doing something meaninfull, but just like her life…..its not. She frowns at herself and goes on with the lying. This text is really small and she can’t even really see what she is typing.

Oh her life is bleek.
she wonders will it ever change?

the darkness is caving in all around her now while different notes dance around her.
it seems everyone knows where they are going.
she feels lost and abondonded by all. she pushes the space bar every ten seconds to make sure that she is still alive. her body is bruised and worn. she gives herself to most that ask for her. its that void that she is trying to fill. It seems as though it will never be fulfilled.

sharks are at her waist now. they are taking her down into the deep blue she doesnt really want to go but she has no other choice.
History will now repeat itself in the form of a woman. she will follow the footsteps of her druggie drunken father. the man that abandoned her so long ago. he “loves” her though.

she wonders where she has to go today. She wonders why? she is inspired by many and most things, and just like her typing she always looks the other way. she fears she will fail and she’d rather not watch it.


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