Monthly Archives: April 2011

Head in the Clouds. Body in the sea.

….Both floating merrily along.

I dip my head in so I can see the colors of the sea. The way the sun catches each wave and releases it with such ease.

I vibrate with the sea and feel her embrace every part of my being. i imagine this is what death feels like, complete and utter freedom!

So I breathe, deeper and deeper into this sea becoming more like her and less like me.



I keep thinking about snow.

When it’s all clean and fresh and white.

Fresh and clean and pure.

I envy the color white, because it’s beautifully complete.


Sometimes you create a time and place with certain music, and every time you listen to that certain song you get back all of those feelings that you once created during that time in your life.

Every single radiohead song does this to me. I associate this music with past hurts and heartaches. With things that now, today, mean absolutely nothing, simply because they are in my past.

Tonight I decided to create a new existence between myself and radiohead…. starting NOW

I’m all over the place.

I can’t write things lately. It makes me feel like I’m suffocating. My mind is all full of things that I can’t seem to put into words.


Slowly learning to just let things be.

Learning to forgive. Instead of trying to fix everything around me. That’s hard to do. What’s even harder is resisting the urge to just run away.

I do that  a lot.