rage, raging waters clear blue skies. Each wave sends me in a new direction. Focus. Can’t seem to catch it nor keep it. I’m all over the place. Emotions, decisions. My path is neither righteous nor stable. I’m creating earthquakes, life changing earthquakes that keep me on the ground.

I just want to breathe fresh air again.

Stuck in an endless daydream.

Thoughts often wander. Some times for hours.

Thoughts quickly wander.

Stray thoughts wandering thoughts.

No thoughts. My thoughts. Your thoughts. Our thoughts. Their thoughts. His thoughts. Her thoughts.



2 responses to “Rage

  • stephanie sanders

    Amy, i love this. Reminds me of my reacurring dreams of water and waves. Depending on whats going on my life, they are somtimes clear and beautiful waters and other times they are dark scary and intense but always very powerful.

    • amydimeo

      Thank you! Water in dreams usually represents the state of the unconscious mind. Rough water dreams mean troubles or emotional restraints, while clear calm water can mean the opposite. Or it could just mean you’re real thirsty. Lol. Love you Steph!!

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