School and Netflix

So I recently decided to jump my ship of denial and join the much more fun ship that is netflix. I’m absolutely addicted!! I’ve been watching movies non stop at all hours of the night. I’m drunk off of it. I may as well be going out and partying every night because when i wake in the morning to go to school I want to kill myself due to lack of sleep! I didn’t think it could get any worst until I discovered SNL. I have successfully watched seasons 1-25 in a two weeks. Is that normal? Should I seek help?!


A few things about SNL. How on earth did it go from the way it was then to how it is now? How do people laugh at the  content of the show now a days? I guess it’s the same with music though. People have just become more dummer ;). Anyways, I have developed a major crush on Chevy Chase. I’ve always thought he was funny but now he is funny and stunningly cute. Plus that smile and that butt chin. Oh man!!

I guess I really just want to say: Dear Netflix, I love you but I hate you. You have become the man in my life. You make me cry and laugh, curse and rejoice. I will leave you one day but until then, I just have to say that I’m in love with you!


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