A crowded room full of people trying to learn. A miss shaped door.

Suddenly this full room is down to 5 maybe 6. The ceiling has been taken away to reveal the bare cloudless sky. We sit as if waiting to see a creation of a cloud or a drop of rain. Suspended in the air are the green round tennis balls we just threw up. We can make them float. Suddenly without a thought from us they fall to the ground. Gravity has a hold of them. We sit and wonder why. I lay on my back to admire the sky that is now wearing a veil of uncertainty. I begin to question things. I know what i’ve just created and I feel regretful of it. Scared and unsure I look to the sky for an answer and finally my answer is created. The ceiling closes in and once again I’m trapped in a stale lit room surrounded by popcorn lined walls and ceilings. Time to make a new scene. Perhaps a car driving down a dirt road, or maybe dinner with a friend in the middle of this dirty grassy road. Pushing the gas I exit the car only to be seated with the next person I’ve just created. She is lovely but upset. She is me, only blonde. She cries and questions herself


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