Originally written 28 April 2008

Words are falling.

Falling from the sky.
They form sentences.
They all run. Trying frantically to pick up the words.

Trees are being pulled underground.
Where are they going?

Balls of fire coming from the oceans headed towards the sky.
Through the clouds they grow and multiply

Everyone is on their knees begging forgiveness

The trumpets, trump calling the people home. Some don’t go. Some stay and wait.
On their knees begging forgiveness.
There are flying horses now. Their riders carry swords.

Its the faceless ones again.
They are searching for something….or someone.
There is no army here to fight these soulless beings because they have all gone home.

More fire now.
More trees being sucked underground.
More people on their knees begging forgiveness

The rivers are overflowing, though its not water that saturates this once dry land.
It’s blood, think as sand.
The blood is friends with these soulless horsemen.

What is going on?
Is this a dream?

Babies are left without mothers.
Wives without their husbands.
The sun is pulling the earth towards it now.

All hope is gone.


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